Uxbridge, Ontario-May 20, 2016 – Raybestos®, a leading brand of premium quality brakes, first dipped its toes in the automotive racing world in the 1950s. Today’s NASCAR Canada’s Most Popular Driver, Jason Hathaway, welcomes Raybestos as a marketing partner.


     “Having Raybestos on board with us this season is a great opportunity for both partners. We look forward to helping them promote their Element3 brake pads both on and off the track,” said Ed Hakonson, team owner of the Ed Hakonson Racing/Team 3 Red team.


     “Raybestos has been involved with auto racing for more than 60 years. We are excited to partner with Jason Hathaway and join a fast-paced environment where we can showcase Element3 brake pads in every race,” said Kristin Grons, Marketing Manager, Brake Parts Inc. “Element3 hybrid formulations deliver unsurpassed stopping power and vehicle control, even under the most aggressive braking conditions.”


     Raybestos Element3® with Enhanced Hybrid Technology (EHT®) combines the best attributes of ceramic and semi-metallic all in one disc brake pad. This innovative engineering breakthrough ensures clean, quiet, optimal performance and improves pad wear and durability.


     T3R/EHR is also proud to be partnered with sponsors Fast Eddie Racewear, The Harman Group, Praxair and Choko Motorsports.


     Fans can keep up with Jason and the rest of T3R/EHR at their Ed Hakonson Racing page on Facebook, on Twitter @JasonHathaway3 or @EHRT3R and Instagram at jasonhathaway3. In addition, fans can also visit the official webpage www.Team3Red.com for all updates on the 2016 season.


     For additional information please contact Jamie Hakonson at 416-560-6103 or email jamie@team3red.com


About Raybestos: Raybestos® has been known as the best in brakes for over 100 years. With a demonstrated commitment to research, development and testing, Raybestos is widely recognized for quality brake components, including friction, rotors, drums, calipers and hydraulic products. The brand was the first to introduce Enhanced Hybrid Technology (EHT®) with its Element3® brake pads, delivering the best attributes of ceramic and semi-metallic for optimal performance, improved pad wear and durability, and increased stopping power during aggressive braking. To learn more, visit www.raybestos.com.

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